Who we are

OT Port Gdynia is a universal port terminal.

OT Port Gdynia provides handling and storage services in a strategic location at the Port of Gdynia on a 24/7 basis. The terminal meets requirements arising from the ISPS Code, is perfectly linked with the national road and rail transport system as well as offers a large external parking area for trucks waiting to enter the OT Port Gdynia.

OT Port Gdynia supports regular calls to Gdynia of the following shipowners: Finnlines (Finland), Transfennica (Finland), Euroafrica (Western Europe, Western Africa), as well as charter services in the Baltic Sea and charter services to Central, North and South Americas.

OT Gdynia Port has many years of experience in handling:

  • general cargoes in ro-ro, sto-ro and lo-lo systems, i.e. paper, cellulose, steel, big-bags, wood based products, heavy items, oversized cargoes, project deliverables, trailers, cars, other vehicles and machines;
  • bulk cargoes, including agro i.e. cereals, middlings, feed, biomass and other bulk goods such as coke or aggregate;
  • containers in ro-ro and lo-lo systems, including tank-containers and refrigerated containers.

In addition to the main service of cargo handling and storage,  OT Port Gdynia also provides the services of container stuffing/stripping, pallet stuffing/stripping, cargo lashing, sorting, segregating and more.


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