The Port Gdynia OT terminal has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 HACCP, GMP+2020 and AEO certificates

The requirements of this standard are met in the scope of comprehensive transhipment and storage services in the General Cargo Department of OT Port Gdynia. The Quality Management System refers to all activities related to the quality of the service and covers the stages from recognizing expectations and identifying requirements for the service to their implementation.

The certificate was issued in October 2003 by PIHZ Certification, it is recertified every 3 years, the current one is valid until October 2024.


Taking care of the quality of the services provided, as well as wanting to expand the offer to include port services in the field of transhipment, handling, storage and warehousing of food goods, the Company has implemented the Food and Feed Safety Management System based on the international standard EN ISO 22000.

FSMS certificate No. 339/2005 obtained by the Company was issued on 17 October 2005 by PIHZ Certification; it is recertified every 3 years, the current one is valid until 9 October 2026.


Striving to improve the quality of handling feed loads, the Company has obtained a new GMP+ International Registration Certificate for the processes of storage and reloading of feed materials, valid from 9 October 2023. We thus ensure that all activities in this respect are safe.

The certificate was issued by Kiwa VERIN B.V. and is valid until 1 October 2026.

On 10 June 2019 OT Port Gdynia Sp. z o. o. obtained an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate, that is the Authorized Economic Operator Status, which allows the Company to use customs control facilities and the simplified procedure. The AEO certificate is a quality mark confirming the credibility and reliability of the Company which complies with the provisions of Community law. Thanks to the AEO certificate, Clients can be sure that the services provided by the terminal meet European quality requirements.

The Responsible Entrepreneur Certificate is awarded to companies that actively work to build corporate social responsibility and adhere to the highest standards of care for the natural environment through reasonable management of waste electronic equipment.

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