Bulk cargo handling

Thanks to our strategic location and many years of experience, we cooperate with leaders on the international and domestic markets.

OT Port Gdynia provides transhipment and storage services for bulk cargo, including:

  • mass agro, cereals,
  • meals and feed,
  • biomass,
  • coke, coal,
  • bauxites, feldspars, dolomites.
million tonnes
Annual bulk cargo handling capacity

To handle bulk and agro cargo, OT Port Gdynia has the appropriate infrastructure and equipment:

storage yards, warehouses
scales for road vehicles
Liebherr heavy mobile cranes
(max. lifting capacity up to 80 t)
rail quay cranes (max. lifting capacity up to 16 t)
wheel loaders, crawler bulldozers

Agro and bulk cargo is handled at the following wharves: