ESG / Sustainability

OT Port Gdynia, as one of the largest ports in Poland, undertakes a number of activities in the field of sustainable development. We actively work to protect the natural environment by implementing programmes aimed at minimizing the impact on the natural surroundings.

Environmental Protection

In 2023, a modern self-propelled hydraulic crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes was purchased. Its engine meets the requirements of the EURO 6 STAGE V standard in terms of exhaust emission levels.

The OTPG terminal is a partner of the Amber Hydrogen Valley Project, under which it is planned to introduce hydrogen-powered reloading devices into operation in the near future. First of all, this will concern equipment for reloading Ro-Ro cargo. The solutions planned for use will be zero-emission, because hydrogen fuel will be used by cells generating electricity to power electric drives, and the supplied hydrogen fuel will be of the so-called of green origin.

At the same time, it is planned to gradually replace combustion drives with classic electric drives in smaller devices for handling conventional general cargo. These will be charged using our own photovoltaic installations, which we can install on large areas of our numerous flat warehouses, i.e. with green electricity.

We also assume that in the future our largest devices, i.e. self-propelled quay cranes, will be equipped with hybrid drives, where a low-power combustion drive will be used only to move the device, and the main working drives for moving loads will be powered by electric motors.

Social engagement

OT Port Gdynia has great social engagement in the area of culture and sports. We are a proud co-founder of the Port Builders Monument, which commemorates the people thanks to whom the Port of Gdynia became one of the most important ports in Poland.
Wenda and Kwiatkowski on the bench. Monument to the port builders unveiled (

Moreover, as part of our social engagement, we entered our own team in the 1st Football Tournament for the Cup of the President of the Management of Port of Gdynia S.A. This tournament is organized to promote physical activity and integration among our employees and other entities related to the port.

We competed enthusiastically with other teams, trying to win the cup and represent our company in the best way possible. It was not only a great sports experience, but also an excellent opportunity to establish close relationships with other tournament participants.

As OT Port Gdynia, we are convinced that sport and physical activity are an important element of our organizational culture. That is why we regularly organize various sports events and support social initiatives related to sports.

OT Port Gdynia is actively involved in various initiatives promoting sustainable transport and a healthy lifestyle. One of our most important activities in this area is participation in the “I ride a bike to work” campaign.

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Cooperation with the local community and care for the natural environment are extremely important to our company. That is why we decided to support the “I ride a bike to work” campaign, which encourages employees and residents of Gdynia to use bicycles as a daily means of transport to work.
By increasing the number of people using bicycles, we reduce exhaust emissions and improve air quality in our city.

Carbon footprint measuring

Use of renewable energy

We are analysing the possibilities of delivering green energy produced by our own photovoltaic installations using transportable energy storage facilities to ships operated in our terminal.