Management Board


Jerzy Majewski




Higher education degree, a graduate of the Gdynia Maritime University at the Faculty of Administration.

Shortcut career

  • He gained professional experience in the management of regional projects in the years 1991-1994, performing the duties of a Member of the Management Board of the Agency for Regional Development in Gdańsk and the company Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza Gdańskiego SA [The Gdańsk Pomerania Development Agency Joint Stock Company].
  • In the years 1995-2001 he broadened his knowledge in the field of capital investments, working as an Investment Director in PTP Kleinwort-Benson, Everest Capital and BRE Private Equity.
  • From 2001 onwards he held various positions in the boards of (production and service) companies, including: Zakłady Metalurgiczne “Skawina” SA [Metallurgical Plants “Skawina” Joint Stock Company], IZO-ERG SA [Joint Stock Company], Odratrans SA [Joint Stock Company]. Since 2005 he worked in the Orbis/Accor group, performing successively the functions of a Member of the Management Board, vice-president and president of the company that conducts business as a licensee of HERTZ Lease and HERTZ Rent A Car.
  • Jerzy Majewski was also the Chairman of Supervisory Boards in the following companies, including: ZWSE Kraków S.A. [Power Lines Building Company – Joint Stock Company], ZWSE Wrocław S.A. [Power Lines Building Company – Joint Stock Company], POLAM-Nakło S.A. [Joint Stock Company], ELBUD-Poznań S.A. [Joint Stock Company], MERA-PNEFAL S.A. [Joint Stock Company], BYFUCH S.A. [Joint Stock Company], Krakowska Fabryka Aparatów Pomiarowych S.A. [The Kraków Factory of Measuring Apparatus Joint Stock Company], BUMAR-HYDROMA S.A. [Joint Stock Company], FAMOR S.A. [Joint Stock Company], FOTON S.A. [Joint Stock Company], Żegluga Bydgoska S.A. [The Bydgoszcz Navigation Joint Stock Company], SEZAMOR S.A. [Joint Stock Company], GERLACH S.A. [Joint Stock Company], ZPS LUBIANA S.A. [Crockery Plants Joint Stock Company], WISKORD S.A. [Joint Stock Company], INTERMODA S.A. [Joint Stock Company], PAFAL S.A. [Joint Stock Company], SANWIL S.A. [Joint Stock Company], PKS Tarnobrzeg Sp. z o.o. [Motor Transport Company – Limited Liability Company], Capital Parking Sp. z o.o. [Limited Liability Company], POLMOZBYT Toruń Holding S.A. [Joint Stock Company]

Adam Daszczyński

Member of the Management Board



Higher education degree in economics, a graduate of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Gdańsk with specialisation in Maritime Trade.

Shortcut career

  • He has been working for the port throughout his professional career.
  • 25 years of work at the Port of Gdańsk holding various positions from a stevedore, to a dispatcher and the company authorising officer, to a Division Head, Chief Coordinator and Chief Operation Officer enabled him to gain experience required to plan and manage processes related to port and sea traffic and turnover.
  • Since January 2018 in the OT Logistics Capital Group and in the Port of Gdynia in the capacity of a Port Division Chief Operating Officer and deputy Chief Operating Officer of the OT Port Gdynia.

Optimisation of handling processes and equivalence of all professional groups in working teams are the principles he has always followed and still follows while managing human resources in teams subordinate to him.


Kamil Jedynak

President of the Supervisory Board

Daniel Górecki

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Grzegorz Zubrzycki

Member of the Supervisory Board

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